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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An amateurish book reviewer

Ok now how do I start. This feels like sitting for a composition exam where we definitely have to write eventhough we do not have the ideas or inspiration to do so. As for me, its not that, but just for the plain reason that I do not have a flair for writing! Seriously I envy those who can write/blog beautifully with a touch of elegance.

(ok for the record, I think this is like the tenth time I re-read the paragraph above! That's another thing, I feel like I have to make everything perfect, perfect grammar, perfect spellings, perfect sentence, and in the end because of too much analysis I decided to scrap it! Its just not good enough! I know..I have issues..)

Ok so actually for this entry I need to do a book review! Had I done one before..hmm..I don't think so. So pardon my inexperience and rough review for this definitely-deserve-a-better-review book: Its "The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown"

First and foremost, I would like to say that if you are not a fan for conspiracies theories, Masons, mysteries, symbols and stuffs like that, this is definitely NOT the book for you.

But for me, I can relate to it very well as I love to read on these and found it quite an eye-opener. Although at most times I also do feel like the author gave the masons an excessive apotheosis, which I found quite annoying, coz its like ooo the masons are so cleverly intelligent and exclusive that only them deserve the 'highest knowledge' which they name it 'ancient mysteries'. Which by the way, the mystery turned out to be the Bible (oops was that a spoiler).

But anyway, it also got me thinking, they really put their Bible at the highest possible level, giving it the utmost respect. So how about us Muslims, do we treasure our Quran enough? Have we really truly understand what's in there? Have we even tried to? I mean its Allah's words! Straight from our Creator, no addition or reduction. Its THAT special. If we do, I think all the problems in facing us will vanish and we will definitely be the one in power in this world. Seriously. (deep huh, there you go a review from an Islamic theology student)

There are also other points in this books, which I found very interesting indeed. Like mind over matter. And like how most secrets or mysteries are always in the form of pyramids. And of symbols, do you realize that the world is full of it. Be careful that we do not actually copycatting the wrong symbol. Like the peace sign, or blowing candles on birthdays and so on.

Ok so there you go! Hopefully it can be considered as a book review?

Anyway why am I doing this? Because I actually borrowed this book from this not only smart but kindhearted lady who definitely trust a total stranger to lend her treasured possessions - her books! To you Dr. Hidayah, I deeply appreciate your effort and  time by doing this, totally pro bono. She even has to fork out the postage charge in order to mail the book! Hats off!

So for those of you, book lovers, on tight budget - or not, you dont have to wait for your paycheck to satisfy your hunger for reading. Simply give here a visit!

Up next - Time traveller's wife! I know so out-dated right.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet nothings...

Umaira: Do you love me Mama?

Mama: Of course I do baby! Lots till tiny bits and pieces!

Umaira: Yay! I love you too Mama!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Immobile Housewife

It is truly frustrating I tell you! Everything that involves going out will have to wait for Abah. N he is sooo busy nowadays. Yep I have no licence so I am immobile here in Kuantan! Help!

It feels like being locked up
I can live without it in Singapore, coz everywhere is within reach by bus or MRT. But not here, I desperately need a LICENCE! Car is already available as Abah has his own ride already.
Stakat utk pegi keje je katenye...yelah tuu
Several things that had to be done actually: - Sunat Umaira ( 4 mths already!)
Pity Baby!
- Open a new bank account..thinking CIMB.
- Surveying pre-schools (for my BIG project *excited!*)
and other lots of places I want to go like that LAFONIS shop, they sell pre-school toys and materials! or maybe a quick trip to KL coz there is so much going on there!


( a hinting entry to Abah.:) )

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Baby & Me Shopping Style Contest"

Baby & Me
Wanna join, but I'm not sure whether the pic below will qualify, coz there's no pic of me, juz my doters. Hope it will.

Inilah our shopping style @Giant, sampai 2 trolley diperlukan! Kakak
occupied with her loots and adik sleeping peacfully in her carseat we did not want to wake carseat goes in the trolley! heheh

Nama Anda: Siti Khadijah Asgar

Nama Kanak-Kanak & Umur: Amira Balqis (2 tahun) & Umaira Balqis (4 bulan)

Hubungan dengan Kanak-Kanak: Their Mama..:)

A tip for shopping with babies and toddlers:
One and only...
Extremely important..
Make sure they are comfortable enough!
Enough food, enough sleep/rest, enough 'distractions'/'entertainment' eg. toys..
Discomfort will definitely cause cranky children..
and cranky = tantrums..
tantrums = edgy parents & completely stressful shopping!
Thank you sponsors:
Baby & Me Shopping Style Contest

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Contest: sukasuki my baby giveaway

I simply love giveaways that are about children and pictures!
It gives the excitement of browsing through our hundreds of pictures, looking back and reminiscing the moment when the pictures were taken, choosing THE perfect picture that fits the regulations, and anticipating the moment of truth (whether we wins or not)! Not to mention the prizes await! 

But to me all contestants are winners because they deeply believe that theirs are a winning photo..just like mine..My daughter is always a WINNER in my heart.

So here's a giveaway that I'm joining.
More info click on the banner below: 


My submission photo:

Ini adalah gambar anak gadis kesayanganku yang sedang ketawa ala mengade2 dan xtra mentel..
Nama: Amira Balqis Bte Mohammad Razman
Umur: 2 tahun